Alagang ayala Ka Dito!

Bella Vita
Number of Bedrooms: 
Number of Toilet and Bath: 
Floor Area: 
23 Square Meters
Lot Area: 
55 Square Meters
General Trias
Php 650,000
Monthly Amortization: 
Years to pay: 
at 20 years

Alagang Ayala Ka Dito!
Avail Our BIG Discount!!!
Lipat Na sa Gen.Trias Cavite

? RFO o Lipat Agad?
? Near Stablishment
? Accessible area
? 50% Discount on Downpayment
? 48K Cash Out to Move-In
? Plus Motorcycle pa!
? 4,500+ monthly for 20yrs to pay

For more information and site viewing:
Property Consultant
Ms Mary
Smart/Viber: 0999 943 6368
TM: 0935 740 4045


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